Uw Olgol Linguistic Notes and Sources

Uw Olgol has been mentioned and marginally described by Bruce A. Sommer in “Kunjen Phonology: Synchronic and Diachronic” (1969) and in “Kunjen syntax : a generative view” (1972).

Philip Hamilton also reported working on Uw Olgol during the 1990s.

Sharp (1939) described the Okekol and Okuluan or “Possum tribes” as sub-tribes of the Olkol.

Sommer reports Alungul / Angula / Anggula / Ogh Angkula as “Koko Possum”. Other names possibly associated to these languages are Kuku Yawa and Ogh Ulan

Adnaŋgana Olgol (speaker: Billy Flower, 1972), has been referred to as a speaker of a “remoter” form of the language