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A student workbook

Pama Language Centre works with linguists, language teaching pedagogues and Indigenous language experts to develop immersive teaching systems that ancestral language teachers and their students love. From Foundation to Grade 6 students follow the eccentric adventures of the Ironwood kinship, who work with the language teacher to bring learning to life with songs, animations, games and stories.

Students at Hope Vale school are so proud to have their own beautiful Guugu Yimidhirr language workbooks!

Read-aloud ebook coding

Pama Languages Press has been established to promote First Nations Languages literacy and to support professional pathways for emerging First Nations Languages authors. Our read aloud ebooks are innovative language learning resources with highlighted read-aloud text and cleverly designed interlinear translations to support language investigation. All ebooks are read aloud by their authors.

Your donation will cover the cost of coding for a read-aloud ebook.

Immersion puppet

Puppets are a great way to encourage language transmission. We have created large hand puppets of both Gudaa and Dyugi-dyugi, the characters in Lillian Bowen’s picture book. Gudaa and Dyugi-dyugi help Lillian teach her Guugu Yimidhirr classes. They like to do shows and chat with the pre-schoolers too. We are developing more puppet characters from our language lessons and stories for classrooms and daycare centres across Cape York.

Animated teaching asset

Pamamooves Lesson Builder for Fragile Languages is a shared library of animations – illustrating verb actions, changes of state, personal pronoun paradigms and cultural practices.

Pamamooves animations are freely available for development of teaching materials for revitalisation and maintenance of fragile languages.

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