What is Pamamooves?

Pamamooves is a sharable library of animations – illustrating verb actions, changes of state, personal pronoun paradigms and cultural practices. These are things that can be really difficult to show with a still picture or to demonstrate in a classroom. It is important to make it possible to teach our  languages without having to describe anything in English. Pamamooves is a tool that will support language immersion, the best way to learn a language.

With Pamamooves you will  be able to show an animation of a child throwing her line and catching a fish.

While she is throwing the line you will be able to ask in your own language “What is she doing?”

And when she has thrown her line you will be able to ask “What did she do?”

Pamamooves animations are freely available for the construction of teaching materials for the revitalisation and maintenance of fragile languages everywhere.  If you are interested in adapting any of the animations on this page for your fragile language please let us know and we’ll help. Please contact us if you would like access to the Pamamooves library of animated assets. The Pamamooves library is growing every day.

What we set out to do: The Pamamooves idea.

Pamamooves in action: Creating animated resources in Keynote.

Learning Mpakwithi with Susan Kennedy and Therra Kaffry

Injinoo Ikya Language teaching and language promotion resources

Guugu Yimithirr Language teaching and language promotion resources

to open / to close / stand up /answer question

Watch this space for more teaching, learning and language promotion resources made with Pamamooves

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