March 2018 – First Singing Back Our Languages Choir workshop in collaboration with Aurukun State School

“Aurukun State School is very grateful for the opportunity for our students to participate in Pama Language Centre’s ‘Singing Back Our Languages’ initiative.

Singing Back Our Languages is providing our students, staff and community with an avenue to share and express their Wik-Mungkan language, cultural wisdom and aspirations for connecting the younger generation to their country. This initiative is also a conduit for allowing students to express their feelings and to feel confident through song.

The Pama Language Centre facilitators who are working with us, Louise, Joshua and Julie, are developing culturally respectful relationships with students, staff and community and their way of engaging everyone through this initiative has been very successful. I have also seen an end product, the song called ‘Tuwoo” and accompanying film footage. It is a high quality production, showcasing the uniqueness of the Wik-Mungkan language, the beauty of our land and the vitality of the performers.”

Baressa Frazer, Deputy Principal Aurukun State School