February 2018 – Third Painted Stories workshop Aurukun

The first Painted Stories Workshop for 2018 was held at the Chivaree Centre, Aurukun, February 12–23rd, facilitated by Artist Gina Allain and Linguist ALF Louise Ashmore. The workshop provided a creative space for Elders, artists and HACC clients to record aspects of their country, stories and cultural history in paintings and narratives told in their own languages. These materials will be developed into language and cultural resources.

Mavis Ngallametta was a mentor for the workshop. Mavis created one of her large scale works during the workshop.  The story for this artwork has been recorded in Mavis’s language Kugu Uwanh as part of the Painted Stories project.

Janet Koongotema joined in the workshop after a break from painting for over 6 years.  She is so happy to be painting again and has so far created 4 painted stories  and  recorded 2 of them so far in her language Wik Mungkan with Linguist Louise Ashmore.

Pearl Walmbeng recorded her story in her Language Wik-Alken for a painted story created by her niece artist Francesca Walmbeng on an earlier Painted Stories Workshop.

Vera Koomeeta is creating her painted stories at home and Percy Koonutta has started painting for the first time and is enjoying painting his stories. Percy usually makes spears and woomeras.

Linguist Ancestral Language Facilitator Louise Ashmore worked with elders Peter Peemuggina and
Nelson Wolmby at their home recording stories in their language Wik-Ngathan.