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This original song by Uncle Shorty – Meun Lifu –  is sung in Yadhaykenu, one of the three ancestral languages of Injinoo.

This song in Angkamuthi was written by ???

Anab Inychiinu Ikyang uyu ikyan

A Pilot Course in Injinoo Ikya funded by the Ely Trust

Anab Inychiinu Ikyang uyu ikyan  is a three-year course in conversational Injinoo Ikya language and basic Injinoo Ikya literacy.

The pilot for the first year of the course has begun in 2021 as a series of 3 workshops. The overview of the Year One course is as follows:

Year 1 – An introduction to Injinoo Ikya language varieties

– The history of Injinoo Ikya

– The sounds and patterns of Injinoo Ikya

– Greetings in Injinoo Ikya

– Building sentences in Injinoo Ikya

– Our environment in Injinoo Ikya

– Writing in Injinoo Ikya – Prose, poetry and song

The First Injinoo Ikya Language Intensive

Bamaga TAFE, 24th to 27th May 2021

Facilitated by Xavier Barker

Workshop 1 was conducted at the Bamaga Campus of Queensland TAFE over 4 nights.

On the first evening, 15 participants learnt a number of phrases that might be used in greetings, farewells and first encounters with new people.  They also learnt about the history of the language and a little about Injinoo. The class was also introduced to two animated tutors: Amalitadthi and Wutpu.

On the second evening, after some revision, our participants practiced the words for identifying themselves and each other as Angkamuthi, Atambaya or Yadhaykenu people.  They also had their first practice making novel sentences based on their new knowledge of sentence structures in Injinoo Ikya.

Evening three saw the group begin to practice learning about tense, mood and aspect of the language, allowing them to place events in time and to give commands. Hand puppets joined the class and allowed participants to take part in role play.

We introduced kinship terms, body parts and seasons on the final evening and ways of talking about our environment – both natural and built. Participants received a kit of home signage which utilises Augmented Reality to allow them to engage in and practice Injinoo Ikya at home with their families and friends. Completing the last evening, we enjoyed a meal together.

Practice Injinoo Ikya with Animated Tutors Amalitadthi and Wutpu

How are you all?

We are both pleased to see you’ve all come here.

We are Injinoo-kuchinu (injinoo people)

How are you?

Anpachama Akyima – Looking Into the Future with interactive augmented reality home signage

Interactive augmented reality signage brings Injinoo Ikya language into the home and workplace

The Injinoo Ikya class is piloting interactive augmented reality home signage.

Downloadable and printable Home Signage

Stick these colour coded signs up around the house, school room or work place, scan them with your phone and the sign springs to life with Injinoo Ikya audio and animation.  By practicing every day at home, you can continually learn and teach your language.

Click on the sign you would like to print or download. Then right-click (CTRL+click for Apple) and Save As. You can also scan these signs directly off your screen.

Download the free zappar app from the app store and get started straight away. Here’s how you do it.

Anab Inychinu Ikya Revision Work Sheets

Following up from the first Injinoo Ikya language intensive in May, workshop participants have requested ongoing support for revision of vocabulary and grammatical concepts covered in the workshops. This page will be continuously updated with materials and tools to support Injinoo Ikya home learning and revision of materials covered in the workshops as well as providing learning resources to language teachers, community study hubs and members of the Injinoo Ikya diaspora who require language support.

Revision  Activity sheets Injinoo Ikya KINSHIP.

Click on an image below to get a printable version of the Kinship Activity Sheet

Revision  Activity sheets Injinoo Ikya – AROUND THE HOME.

Click on an image below to get a printable version of the Around the Home Activity Sheet.

Revision activity sheets GREETINGS

Click on an image below to get a printable version of the Greetings Activity Sheet