Guugu Yimidhirr Past Recording and Maintenance Activity

Guugu Yimithirr was used by the Lutheran missionaries. Order of Service, Bible Stories and Hymns were printed. Reference: Board of the Lutheran Mission Hope Valley, Order of Service and Hymns. South Brisbane 1946.

Pastor George Rosendale revised the Order of Service and enlarged collection of Hymns in 1986. Reference: [George Rosendale], Gunbu Guugu Yimithirrbi. Angaston 1986. (This saddle-stiched book was self-published and is not available in libraries.)

Summer Institute of Linguistics attempted to support Guugu Yimithirr publishing in the 70s. Three books were published:
George Rosendale, Milbi Bidha-gurrbi Godngu. Darwin 1978.
George Rosendale, Milbi Bidha-gurrbi Godngu. Darwin, no year of printing.
George Rosendale, Tulo Gordon and Jack McIvor, Milbi-Dhubi Warrawi. 1978, no location of printing.

An LOTE-program (Language Other Than English) was started some time before 1998. Reference: Annette Ridley, The Guugu Yimithirr Languages Other Than English Program at Hope Vale. Thesis, James Cook University 2002.
Books produced in the Lote program include:
Wayne Rosendale et el., At the Beach, 1991.