Biniirr Bama Yuwalin

The Ironwood Family at the Beach

by Lillian Bowen

A Guugu Yimithirr Picture Book with graded language activities

This interactive augmented reality picture book and read-aloud ebook by Lillian Bowen is available from the Pama Language Centre Webstore. This book is provided here for the purposes of individual language study. This book remains the copyright of the author and should not be downloaded, printed or shared without permission of the author.

How to use Interactive Augmented Reality language immersion resources

Biniirr Bama Yuwalin is much more than a picture book. This is a complete Guugu Yimithirr immersion learning package.

To get the most out of Biniirr Bama Yuwalin, download the zapar app and scan the circular zap code on each page of the book straight off your computer screen. The zap code on the last page of the book provides access to a read aloud ebook with colour coded translation in English directly below the Guugu Yimithirr text.

Biniirr Bama Yuwalin Activity Sheets

These downloadable activity sheets  are grouped in three levels of difficulty. Level 1 is for pre-readers. Level 3 is for students with some existing  Guugu Yimithirr literacy. Control Click to download.

Activity sheets

Level 1

These activities are for pre-readers. They require the assistance of an adult or older student with some Guugu Yimithirr literacy.

Activity sheets

Level 2

Activity sheets

Level 3

These activities are for students with some pre-existing Guugu Yimithirr literacy.