Angkamuthi Past Recording and Maintenance

Terry Crowley (1983) provides a grammar sketch, typology and some supralinguistic information. Crowley described the ‘Injinoo Ikya’ language cluster as “Uradhi”.

Other linguists such as Ken Hale have discussed aspects of the language/dialect cluster. Helen Harper’s work (see above), whilst not narrowly linguistic in nature, provides important information about the language and the community.

In the literature there are differing opinions about the status of the language varieties as distinct languages. Crowley notes that Angkamuthi and Yadheykemu differ from most other varieties of Uradhi in that they are ŋ- lacking, but considers both to be dialects (1983: 226). Helen Harper directly addresses Crowley’s classification, stating “Terry Crowley’s…description of ‘Uradhi’ is actually a description of three closely related languages: Angkamuthi, Atambaya, and Yadheykenu”