Biyalgeyi Living Library

Hi there Flinders Island Family members,

Here’s the latest version of the Biyalgeyi “My Body” poster for children. Rylee will be sharing this link with you all. It isn’t connected to the website yet until Clarry has approved it. We are posting it here for you all to take a look at and think about before we print it. Could you all please see if there is anything you think we need to change. If you think its ok to print, then it would be great to know who would like a copy so we can get them printed for you. Rylee will be taking  orders.

For those of you who have not seen this poster before, it is an interactive poster. If you download the free Zappar app from the app store you can scan the codes on the poster, then if you tap a word you will see an animation and hear a recording of the word being spoken. The recordings on the poster are all old recordings from the archives, of Johnny Flilnders, Billy McGreen and Mary Ann Mundy. These recordings have been provided to us by Jean Christophe Verstraete.